About Dr Blincow

Following his medical and psychiatric training in London at University College Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals, Dr Blincow was appointed Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Brighton. He was for many years the clinical director of child and adolescent mental health as well as mental health services more generally in NHS Trusts in Brighton and across East and West Sussex.

He has extensive medico-legal experience, having been involved in both criminal and civil cases over his twenty-five year career as a consultant. He has provided over 600 assessments and reports in public law proceedings during that time.

Dr Blincow was a lead psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital, Ticehurst House, establishing the first high dependency adolescent unit there in 2008. He continues to offer clinics at Ticehurst, Brighton and Hove Priory as well as at Wimpole Street in London.

He has provided advice and reports to the UK Health Ombudsman in dealing with health service complaints of national significance, to the Home Office on issues of national policy in child protection and to the General Medical Council in cases of Fitness to Practise.

He is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Brighton and has co-authored a peer-reviewed book on "Resilient Therapy" as well as a number of journal articles on the application of the concept of resilience to assessment and therapeutic work. He has conducted original research in the area of diagnostic interviewing in child trauma and in the mental health aspects of non-verbal learning and autistic spectrum disorders.

Dr Blincow has also studied social and political philosophy at Cambridge University prior to his medical training, going on to Postgraduate Training at York, Leeds and Warwick Universities. He was lecturer at City University, London. He has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His lecturing and teaching experience ranges across health, social services, education and the general public, including broadcasting by radio and television.

He has organised, chaired and presented at child and adolescent mental health conferences nationally, lectured to Family Justice Boards and presented his work also at other national and international conferences, including ISPCAN and the World Family Therapy Congress. He is currently professional advisor to the Royal National Children's Federation (RNCF).

derek blincow