Dr Blincow provides clinics at Wimpole Street in London as well as at the Priory Hospital, Ticehurst House in East Sussex where he offers assessments of children and adolescents with their families. The assessment includes, where appropriate, a formulation and diagnosis leading to an effective, evidence-based treatment plan. Referrals need to be accompanied by a GP letter and there will be a summarising letter back to the GP following the consultation. This will be copied to the family for their information and should arrive within one week of the consultation.

Dr Blincow has extensive clinical experience in assessing, formulating and, where appropriate, diagnosing mental health disorders in children and adolescents. He has added mental health expertise in the following areas:

Complex and Resistant disorders in Adolescence

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Children's Response to Trauma and Adversity

Non-Verbal Learning Disorders

He has trained in a range of therapeutic techniques, including Family Therapy, Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Pharmacological Treatments. He is also the founder of a new therapy based on the theory of resilience. Further details of his work in resilience can be found at:

Dr Blincow offers clinic consultations:

On Mondays at-

Priory Hospital Ticehurst House
Near Wadhurst
East Sussex

Tel: 01580 202205
Fax: 01580 202244

On Wednesdays at-

21 Wimpole Street

Tel: 0203 542 6495
Fax: 01424 234625

For further information about all services offered by Dr Blincow, please email to:

derek blincow